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Le Noel Surfboards Pig Longboard Model
Le Noel Surfboards Pig Longboard Model



9'2 - 10'


From $1950

Ideal Waves

Long, fast point breaks


Intermediate - Advanced

Fin Pair

8" D Fin

The Pig, an enduring classic that predates our era, retains its timeless appeal in its original form. Introduced in the late '50s, it has seamlessly transitioned from wood to foam, passing through the hands of various shapers and surfers over the decades.

"Simmons made 'em light, Velzy made 'em turn...and Phillips made 'em relevant," as eloquently stated by James Phillips, who graciously shared one of his Pig templates with me in California. This design remains a favorite, consistently impressing surfers with its versatility and user-friendliness.

True to its original form, The Pig features a wide point set back six inches from the center, a refined and rounded narrow nose, a square tail, and a light belly extending from tip to tail. Soft 50/50 rails and a classic D fin complement this configuration.

The Pig is remarkably user-friendly, allowing for easy banking into long, arcing turns and precise control with low swing weight due to its refined nose and tail. A significant portion of its surface area is positioned far back with a notably flat rocker line, enhancing nose riding capabilities. Riding through tighter pockets of the wave on the nose becomes a stable and supported experience, thanks to the D fin.

This board will help you refine your classical surfing skills, while keeping you on your toes. The Pig pays homage to the radical surfing accomplished using this enduring classic design, fostering respect and appreciation for the surfers who came before you.

Le Noel Surfboards Pig Longboard Model
Le Noel Surfboards Pig Longboard Model

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