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Pig Front-2.jpg

The Pig was around well before our time, but the design lives on in the classic shape. It was was introduced in the late ‘50s and has lived throughout the decades, passing from wood to foam and through the hands of shapers and surfers alike.


“Simmons made ‘em light, Velzy made ‘em turn...and Phillips made ‘em relevant.” A quote from James Phillips who was kind enough to pass on one of his Pig templates to me before I left California. This design is a favourite, continuously blowing surfers away with its versatility and user friendliness.


The Pig is made true to its original form. It has a wide point, set back 6 inches from the centre, a refined and rounded narrow nose, a square tail, and a light belly running from tip to tail. This works in conjunction with soft 50/50 rails and a classic D fin.


The Pig is user friendly, easy to bank over and draw out long arcing turns, as well as easy to control with low swing weight as the nose and tail are so refined.


A large portion of The Pig's surface area is set far back with a really flat rocker line, which, combined with the D fin, makes for amazing nose riding. You will find yourself able to ride through tighter pockets of the wave on the nose, feeling stable and supported in these critical sections by the D fin. 


The Pig is a board that will tune in your classical surfing skills, keeping you always on your toes but also enabling you to gain great respect for the surfers who came before you and the radical surfing that was done using this classic design.




9'2 - 10'


From $1950

Ideal Waves

Long, fast point breaks


Intermediate - Advanced

Fin Pair

8" D Fin