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Le Noel 9'6 Noserider Longboard
Le Noel 9'6 Noserider



9'0" - 10'


From $1950

Ideal Waves

2-3ft peelers


Beginner - Advanced

Fin Match

Noserider Fin


As the name suggests, the Classic Nose Rider caters to those with one main goal–hanging out on the tip.


Originating from templates collected during my time living and surfing in California, these boards defy common misconceptions, and they are challenging to craft well. Mastery of the Nose Rider requires achieving a delicate equilibrium between speed and control.

Distinguished by a profound nose scoop generating lift beneath the rider's feet during nose rides, and complemented by an upright classic nose rider fin, the board creates substantial surface area and drag. This deliberate design facilitates controlled deceleration, prolonging nose rides by ensuring stability and positioning within the wave's pocket.


The Nose Rider features a gently rolled belly, a straighter midsection outline, and a tapered tail, synergizing to enhance its glide. This configuration enables a seamless transition through faster sections, facilitating smooth turns that bleed off speed, positioning the rider deep into the wave's pocket for optimal nose riding experiences.

Characterized by 50/50 boxy rails, this board incorporates added volume for a forgiving ride. Its ideal conditions range from waist to chest-high waves with extended sections, allowing riders to unlock its full potential.

Le Noel 9'6 Noserider
Le Noel 9'6 Noserider Surfboard