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Le Noel 9'6 Noserider Longboard
Le Noel 9'6 Noserider

With the Classic Noserider, the name says it all. This is a board for those who have one goal in mind, hanging out on the tip. The Noserider templates we have are straight from the source, given to us when living and surfing in California.


These boards, in contrast to what most people think, are very difficult to make well. To be an amazing Noserider, they must achieve the perfect balance between fast and slow. The Noserider features a deep nose scoop that creates lift under your feet when standing on the tip; paired with an upright classic nose rider fin, you create a bigger surface area and drag, which enables the board to slow down. The stability of this board keeps you in the pocket of the wave, extending your noserides.


The Noserider features a light-rolled belly, with a straighter outline through the middle, and a more pulled-in tail. These elements work together to increase the glide, making it possible to shoot through faster sections and easily bank the board over into a big turn, rolling off all of your speed, stopping you, and putting you back deep in the pocket for better nose riding.


This board also has boxy 50/50 rails with a little more volume to make it more forgiving. Ride this board in waist to chest-high waves with long sections to maximise it’s full potential.




9'0" - 10'


From $1950

Ideal Waves

2-3ft peelers


Beginner - Advanced

Fin Match

Noserider Fin

Le Noel 9'6 Noserider
Le Noel 9'6 Noserider Surfboard