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Le Noel Surfboards Hull Model
Le Noel Surfboards Hull Model made in New Zealand



6'4 - 8'0


From $1650

Ideal Waves

Point Break, Glassy, 2-3ft



Fin Pair

9'0 Speed Hull Fin

The Hull, meticulously crafted for navigating pristine long points in glassy conditions with waves under head height, stands as a testament to its original radical design—a veritable ace car in the surfing world. Born out of the expertise of Greg Liddle while surfing and shaping at Malibu, the Hull was engineered for sheer speed.

While the surfing landscape shifted with the advent of the thruster revolution, the Hull design endured, cherished and perfected by a select few talented riders. Even today, it commands a cult-like following among those who relish the sensation of a perfectly balanced board. The fin placement, set prominently forward, eliminates the need for cumbersome foot maneuvers to turn, allowing riders to effortlessly find the ideal trim point at the center of the Hull.

The subtle S-deck strategically adds a touch of extra foam where it matters, complemented by a rolled belly and upturned rails in the nose, effortlessly slicing through the water.


Downturned 50/50 low volume rails transition smoothly, providing a perfect blend of speed, release, and hold as the rail engages the wave face, facilitating a harmonious union between rider and wave. This synergy enables high and tight rides into the top of the curl, effortlessly navigating close-out sections with raw speed and graceful ease.

To complete the board, an almost dead flat rocker extending to the tail, coupled with a small flat planning surface seamlessly integrated into the board's bottom. The Hull promises a ride that captivates and redefines the surfing experience.

Le Noel Surfboards Hull Model made in New Zealand
Le Noel Surfboards Hull Model made in New Zealand

Displacement Hulls' in Stock

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