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The Hull was designed for surfing perfect long points in sheet glassy conditions with waves under head high. The original design was radical, it was the ace car of the surfing world, a board built to go fast. It was a design famously perfected by Greg Liddle whilst surfing and shaping at Malibu.


The design was cast aside by the majority of the surfing world, as the new thruster revolution arrived. The Hull design was still made, surfed and perfected by a few talented riders. To this day the design has a cult-like following for those who love the feeling of a perfectly balanced board. Fin set way forward so you don’t have to manoeuvre your feet to turn. Yet allowing you to stand in the middle of the board you find yourself stuck, glued to the perfect trim point in the centre of the Hull.


The subtle S-deck provides you with a little extra foam, right where you need it, the rolled belly with up turned-rails in the nose slices through the water.


The downturned 50/50 low volume rails that transition evenly but still rolls down the rail out to the tail. This gives the board speed, release, and hold as the rail cuts into the wave face, but still allowing water to roll over. Combining you and the wave into one, enabling you to ride high and tight into the top of the curl, passing through close-out sections with raw speed and effortless grace.


Finally, the almost dead flat rocker out to the tail and a small flat planing surface blended into the bottom of the board. The Hull is definitely the most captivating ride you will ever embark on.




6'4 - 8'0


From $1650

Ideal Waves

Point Break, Glassy, 2-3ft



Fin Pair

9'0 Speed Hull Fin