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Lightweight Nose Rider

Lightweight Noserider
Lightweight Nose Rider



9'2 - 10'


From $1950

Ideal Waves

Long, fast point breaks


Beginner - Advanced

Fin Pair

9" Lightweight Hatchet Fin

The Lightweight draws inspiration from a classic board design by Bing and David Nuuhiwa from the late 1960s.


Unearthed as an old gem from James Phillips' workshop, where he housed his vintage board collection, I recognized the significance of this design and its revolutionary impact during its time. Armed with this knowledge, I crafted templates, carefully considering rocker curves and rail blends, and infused them with contemporary shaping ideas.

The result is a board with flatter bottom contours, enhanced roll in the rails, and a thoughtfully balanced glass job—strong yet not overly glassed, providing a sturdy yet maneuverable surfboard.

The Lightweight features a wider nose and set-back hips, allowing for easy movement up and down the board, and the flexibility to surf it right from the tail. The underside boasts a blended 4ft nose scoop for lift, transitioning into a flat bottom through the board's middle, ensuring a lively flow and eliminating dead spots as you ride from tip to tail.

Rolled 50/50 rails aid water flow, helping the board sit seamlessly in the wave face, enabling long, stable, and deeper nose rides through critical sections. A substantial flat section behind the fin enhances drive for turns.

When paired with my lightweight hatchet fin design, the result is a versatile Nose Rider surfboard with a profound heritage, seamlessly combining classic design principles with modern innovation.

Lightweight Nose Riders' in Stock

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