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This design has been passed to me by a friend who handed me a Keyo 67 with the original Greenough fin template. The board had a wild outline with lots of curves, the wide point set way back  allowing you to sit back deep into the cockpit of the board. It has finely tuned rails that feel like the sharp side of an egg. The board also had a deep rolled belly running from tip to tail.


This design was the absolute pinnacle of traditional longboarding and is as relevant now as it was in the ‘60s. That original board inspired me to make the 67, this board embodies the design of the original but adapted to create a board that is faster and a little easier to surf.


The 67 is a finely tuned blade of a log, the board is exceptional in beachies and the fast-transitioning waves that we surf around New Zealand.


It features a narrow nose to reduce swing weight, and a tight pulled-in tail, in conjunction with wide hips - set way back. This creates a board with carve in the outline helping the board to turn on a dime. It can pivot but it can also do those powerful tight arching turns. The board also combines a flatter bottom making it really fast and stable with either a light nose scoop or, for the trim lovers, flat to the tip. Refined rails allow it to cut deep into the wave face, aiding in controlling the craft at high speeds. The 67 is the best and most harmonious for New Zealand surfers in our rugged and ever-changing conditions.




9'2" - 9'8"


From $1950

Ideal Waves

Knee - Head High


Intermediate - Advanced

Fin Match

Greenough 10'0