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Le Noel Surfboards 67 Longboard Model
Le Noel Surfboards 67 Longboard Model



9'2" - 9'8"


From $1950

Ideal Waves

Knee - Head High


Intermediate - Advanced

Fin Match

Greenough 10'0

This design was handed down to me by a friend who passed on a Keyo 67 featuring the original Greenough fin template. The board boasted a dynamic outline with abundant curves, positioning the wide point far back for a deep and comfortable seating experience.


Characterized by finely tuned rails reminiscent of the sharp edge of an egg, the board also showcased a deep rolled belly extending from tip to tail.

A true relic of traditional longboarding, this design, rooted in the '60s, remains as relevant today as ever. Inspired by the original board, the 67 represents an evolution, incorporating adaptations for enhanced speed and a more approachable surfing experience.

The 67 stands as a meticulously tuned log, excelling in beach breaks and the fast-changing conditions characteristic of New Zealand.


Notable features include a narrow nose to minimize swing weight, a tight pulled-in tail with wide hips set far back. This combination carves a board with a nimble outline, allowing the 67 to pivot effortlessly while also executing powerful, tight arching turns. Its flatter bottom ensures exceptional speed and stability, complemented by the option of a light nose scoop or, for trim enthusiasts, a flat tip.


Refined rails enable the board to cut deep into the wave face, providing control at high speeds. In the rugged and ever-changing conditions of New Zealand, the 67 emerges as the ultimate and harmonious choice for surfers.

Le Noel Surfboards 67 Longboard Model
Le Noel Surfboards 67 Longboard Model

67s' in Stock

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