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Stack of Custom Longboards in the Le Noel Surfboard Factory

About the Shaper

Hailing from the North Island of New Zealand, Olie has been immersed in the craft of hand shaping surfboards since the age of 17. He has been fortunate to gain knowledge from a lineage of influences and seasoned craftspeople who keep his passion alive.

Olie's practice is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, rooted in taking old, classic designs and infusing them with modern performance elements. This unique approach began in Dunedin, where he learned to shape boards capable of conquering real waves, guided by Graham Carse, the King of the South Coast.

Furthering his expertise, Olie ventured to Indonesia and Bali, shaping amidst the vibrant surfing culture. Portugal became his next stop, where he honed his skills to meet elevated standards under the mentorship of the Wave Gliders team and Nico.

He continued on to Encinitas, California, where he had the privilege of crossing paths with the legendary Jim Phillips. Phillips's watchful eye and tales of surfing history fueled Olie's experiments.

Now situated in Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island, Olie shapes bespoke boards that seamlessly blend speed, glide, and nimble turns—a testament to the wisdom passed down by mentors such as Wayne Parks, Phil, Graham Carse, Nico, and Jim Phillips.

Olie Le Noel, from Le Noel Surfboards, holding one of his hand shaped gliders outside the factory
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