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5'2 - 7'0


From $950

Ideal Waves

Knee High - Double Overhead


Intermediate - Advanced

Fin Match

Classic Keel Fins


The inception of the Fish dates back to 1967 when San Diego surfer Steve Lis pioneered this iconic design. By trimming the excess material from around a 1960s pintail, he gave rise to the Fish—a testament to the innovative spirit that drives surfboard evolution.

Sporting large-base keel fins and a broad planing area, the Fish boasts remarkable speed. The twin-fin configuration strategically places more fin on the rail and in the water, ensuring agility. The ample surface area between the fins keeps the board loose and swift, while the distinctive shorter, wider outline, coupled with a straighter rail into the tail, enables it to surf up under the lip and execute tight arcs.


Combine this with a surface area of a larger square tail but take out the middle section, adding in two pintails that give the Fish it's name, and a light single concave running through the second third of the board. This creates a perfect blend of surfboard principles that work in harmony with each other to make the mind-melting surfboard that is the Fish.


At Le Noel Surfboards, we have a few variations of the Fish, which are all loosely based on the same board.


There is a traditional fish with a 12 by 6 inch tail block and there is a more modern 8 inch tail for those surfers wanting an even tighter turning board.


There is also a Diamond tail which is amazing for surfing small waves.

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