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Narrow Nico

9,4 x 22 3/4 x 3

Glassed in 7.25 Volan with polish and resin abstract

The Narrow Nico, a design inherited by Le Noel from our mentor Jim Philips, who coined the name Slim Jim, embodies precision and versatility.

Characterized by a tight, pulled-in nose and tail with low volume, complemented by turned-down rails, the board facilitates easy turns at all speeds and effortlessly maneuvers into tight arcs.


With a light nose scoop transitioning to a gently rolled belly beneath the feet and a flat panel behind the fin, the board achieves a balance of speed, drive, and stability, allowing for comfortable movement up and down.


This harmonious design, coupled with a subtle tail-kick and minimal rocker, creates a beautiful bottom curve, endowing the board with remarkable versatility for both nose riding and turning.

The Narrow Nico thrives in long, fast, point breaks, where it truly comes to life.

Narrow Nico

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