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Green Sex Wax Surf Wax

MR Zogs Green label cool to mid warm water surf wax. Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world, now packaged in recyclable paperboard boxes. This new package is easy to open and can be reused to keep your leftover or partially used wax clean in its original package. Find the ideal balance between stability and stickiness by using these formulas alone or as part of a Basecoat/Topcoat combination.


  • Using quick humps as a base coat & top coat increases the level of stickiness & stability.
  • Using a harder wax for your base coat will take more effort but this base coat will be more effective by holding the bumps / shape for longer.
  • Once a base coat is applied you only need to add a light top coat before each surf.
  • Changing your base coat depends on the season or travel. Winter you would have a set base and top coat combo & Summer a different combo. Normal changing up or down the hardnes

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax – Cool to Mid Warm Surf Wax

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