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Classic fish 5,6

5,6 x 21 x 2 1/2 


The fish this is a was first introduced by a San Diego surfer called Steve lis in 1967. He designs the fish from cutting all the excess board from around one of his 60s pintails and wolla The fish was born.

With it large base keel fins and wider planning area is fast yet stable the twin fin design allowing the fish to have more fin on the rail and in the water, with a large surface area between the fins keeping the board louse and fast. The icon shorter wider out line with a straighter rail in to the tail also enables the board to surf up under the lip and draw tight arks Combine this with surf area of a larger square tail but take out the unneeded  middle section adding in to pin tails out the back of the board and a light single concave running though the the second 2/3 of the board you have a perfect blend of of surf board principles combined in harmony with each other to make the mind melting surf board that is the fish.

The fishes i make a a few options base of the same board there a traditional fish with 12 by 6icnh tail block and there a more modern 8ich tail for surf how wont a even tighter turning board, there is also a Dimond tail witch is amazing for surfing smaller waves.

Classic fish 5,6

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