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7'6 Bomber

7'6" x 21 x 2 7/8


Glassed in double sided white resin tint.


The pin tail speed shape is a board design for those surfers who often find themselves riding their logs in waves that are too big or fast, but to go down in size is not a option for them. This is where the pintail comes into it’s own. At 7'6 it still has a lot of length and paddle power but with increased manouverability and speed.


This board features a mid weight glass job with a little flip in the rocker nose and tail rolled belly under the tip going flat thoughout the centre of the board, with a double concave in the tail and a hard edge just breaking forward of the fin.


This board is ideal for all surfers who are after a board that can handle all conditions.

7'6 Bomber

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