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9'8 Cream Narrow Nico

9'8 x 23" x 3' 1/4" 


Cream resin tint on the bottom. Matte finish.


The Narrow Nico is a template that has been passed down to Le Noel by one of our mentors, Jim Philips, who coined the name Slim Jim. 

Nico from Wave Gliders in Portugal took the time to demonstrate the importance of hand-shaping, and traditional methodology. Jim passed on the design, and we renamed the model in honour of Nico. 


This is a versatile design that has passed the test of time. We have been delighted that team riders who have used this board in classic longboarding competitions have placed or won. 


The Narrow Nico is an all-rounder with a balanced outline and an even curve throughout. It features a tight pulled-in nose and tail with low volume and turned down rails to create a board that turns easily at all speeds and can be jammed into tight arcs with ease. The board has a light nose scoop running down to a lightly rolled belly below your feet and a flat panel behind the fin. This gives it speed and drive, but also makes it stable to walk up and down, creating a nicely balanced board. This, combined with a little tail-kick, and minimal rocker, this creates a beautiful bottom curve making it incredibly versatile for nose riding and turning. The ultimate conditions for this board are long, fast, point breaks where it really comes into its own.


Board is Located at @HoneySundays 

203 jervois RD, Herne Bay, Auckland  

9'8 Cream Narrow Nico

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