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Vee Bottem

8.6 x 23 x 3 


The Vee


The Vee  this design that was ingrained in to any surfers mind with its parallel out line wide nose and tail and deep Vee panels. Making for some of the most brake thought and breath taking surfing from the north shore to Noosa to Piha cutting edge designs of Wayne parks.


It all begain in Australia with bob Mc Tavish in the transition between long boards and shorter the design began life as a 9ft then moved down to 8ft then finally to 7,6 the time span was between the years of 1967 to 1969. And then was abandoned as the Devo-meant of the shorter board with flat bottem and down rails come in.


This is my modern version of the evolution the board features a much less pronounced spiral Vee and flat section be hind the fin allowing the board to still have the classic feel of a panel vee bottem but with out the drow backs and increasing the Use of friendliness of the designs. It also has a almost hard edge running of the back of the Dimond tail, parallel out line and a flat body of the board allow the board to brake free and plan making the board have the ability to surf 2ft or 6ft and be accelerating between your rail to rail transitions keeping you on your toes but able to surf way up in size with flow and and control that is no normally seen out of other designs.


Board is EPS stringerless, glassed in 10oz fiber glass with epoxy bio resin.

Vee Bottem

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