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The Involvement

8.o x 22 x 3 

glass: volan cream Psychedelic.


The involvement 


The involvement. Is a design made Infamous by the wild child surfing of  Wayne Lynch it was his one board quiver at the time that he traveled with and surf the world on. This design was also Abandon like the vee bottom when the shorter board revolution Sirpassed this design originally featured a lot wider and carver out line with a deep Vee panels tuned down rails and more rocker. 


My version of the involvement heavily base of the original design in keeping with the tree feeling of the original board but design i a way to make the more user friendly, deep vee panels replace with much lighter spiral vee with flatter sections be for and behind the fin making the board stale and fast in and out of turn with a increased rail to rail transition. The board all has more modern tuned down rails helping to crate a more sensitive vibe and give you more control at high speeds. This board mainly is shaped with a little rolled nose making it fast. With all of this involvement designs is a grate board if you wont a dynamic innovative approach to surfing a large variety of wave types.

The Involvement

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