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9'6 Model T

9’6 x 23 x 3

Nose 18”

Tail 16 1/2”

Clear glass job with classic white resin panels , top and bottom

This is an early release of the new model that we’ve been working on .

The goal was to create a board that is easy to surf, fast, stable to nose ride, yet can turn hard and fit into tight pockets.

The board features a 18 inch nose width, compared to a lot of my other models, but not as wide as any of the nose riders with a very light blended nose scoop it generates just enough left to hold you steadily through nose rides.

The parallel body and hips set back behind center help with speed and creating a board that turns effortlessly, without having to move too much. Add in a little kick in the tail rocker and the board is complete.

This board goes well with the Tanya fin (10.5”- 11”) Available on our website.

9'6 Model T

$2,050.00 Regular Price
$1,640.00Sale Price
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